Friday, January 1, 2010

Let's See How I Do In 2010.

A friend sent me a Facebook message of goals she achieved last year and goals to achieve this year, then asked what mine were. I thought it was interesting, and I didn't make any resolutions this year because I think those are kind of lame and never last long. So here are mine:

Goals for 2010

1. Get back in school
2. SAVE money instead of spending it
3. Get my own apartment
4. Join the Navy *possibility*
5. Keep at least $500 in my checking account (goes along with saving)
6. Learn Italian
7. Stop procrastinating/waiting on other people to do things
8. Get another Blackberry (and not lose it!)
9. Go to New York Times Square for New Year's. Tired of being bored every year.
10. Pay off most (if not all) of my credit cards
11. Work more on writing/my blog

Accomplishments in 2009

1. Got a JOB
2. Got a car
3. Went to Puerto Rico
4. Removed some toxic "friends" from my life
5. Volunteered for the Garner Circle
6. Kept my standards up as far as guys
7. Started blogging again

There it is. Now it's been documented in cyberspace, and I can look back on this next year to see if I actually accomplish any of these lol.

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