Sunday, February 7, 2010

Thoughts For the Night.

1. I officially hate Club Miami. Why I keep coming to your overrated, overhyped, boring ass club? Only God knows. First I pay $10 just to park in your cramped ass, tiny ass, hood ass parking lot (and I probably would get no compensation if my car were broken into or otherwise vandalized). Then I get to stand in the freezing cold for a good hour which is just enough time for some lame drunk ass nigga to hit on me and my friends the whole time that we are waiting. Then I get inside the club and there are about thirty people inside (making me question why I was standing in line for an hour even more) and it's boring as hell. Boo, Club Miami. You suck at life. No more wasting my hard earned money on you.

2. liquor = :). Shout out to Brazil or Brazeal or whatever your name is that supplied the mystery Hawaiian Punch. Don't know what was in that shit, but it made the night just a bit more bearable.

3. I am thisclose to hitting up the asshole that I swore I was done dealing with just to have something to do. He is cute, after all. Maybe he deserves a second chance?

4. McDonald's is a lifesaver. Yes, this food will probably be the death of me, but it is the best thing I could eat after going without eating all day.

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