Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So THIS is What's Hot in the Streets?

As most of the blogging world knows by now, there is a new hoe in town, and she goes by the name of "Kat Stacks." She started a blog revealing her sexual encounters with various celebrities, and later released two videos further detailing those encounters while simultaneously dissing the rappers because of their sex/money game (or lack thereof). If you haven't heard of her, look her up on Youtube (or as Kat Stacks herself would say, "Google" her).

For anyone that has read her blog and/or seen her videos, she clearly is not dealing with a full deck of cards. I decided to check out her Twitter page (only for further entertainment) and noticed that there were messages from some people saying things to her like, "You go, Ma. I respect you for standing up for yourself!"

Wait....what? Standing up for being.....a groupie? Since when was spreading your legs for a bunch of random men an admirable feat? What happened to being honored for curing epidemic diseases or teaching children how to read? From what I read on her blog and saw in her videos, she willingly had sex with these celebs; no one forced themselves on her. In her first video, she calmly (and proudly) proclaims that she "screwed the whole Young Money crew" then goes on to poke fun at them for being broke and bad in bed. Well what did you expect, sweetheart? Did you think they would pamper you with roses and jewels? I highly doubt that anyone from Young Money felt the need to impress a female that essentially allowed them to run a train on her. Why pay for the "Kat" when you can get it for free?

Another thing I don't understand is why this girl is delusional enough to think that she is "exposing" these men. As if the world is supposed to gasp in amazement and cry, "Oh no! Rappers have sex with groupies?! Who would do such a thing?" We all know what goes on in the entertainment industry. Karrine Steffans already beat you to it, Ms. Stacks. And even before her, everyone knew about it; it just wasn't laid out nicely in book form. I think the thing Kat Stacks doesn't realize is that the more she "exposes" these celebrities, the more she is exposing her own stupidity. I don't believe she is lying, only because I think it would be pretty damn pitiful for someone to concoct the stories she has told. (Bow Wow sent you home in a cab after you gave him oral sex? You were stood up by Aaron Carter? What self-respecting human being makes this up?) But nothing that she says is exactly ground breaking when it comes to groupie tales. Unless she can tell me that Gudda Gudda has a sixth toe or Bow Wow has golden leprechauns dancing in his house, she really ain't exposing shit.

One thing I can thank Kat Stacks for: finally giving a face--and a voice (albeit, an annoying voice) to the many anonymous groupie tales out there. I now know what her kind look and act like. How unfortunate it is.


☻TABOO♥ said...

Personally, I think she's lying. I recently saw a vdeo from World Hip Hop where a radio station had Nelly on the phone disguised as a caller. The chick was talking, answering questions, and whatnot not knowing she was talking to Nelly. She claims to have been in a 1 1/2 month relationship with Nelly but she doesnt know his voice at all! One word: Liar. No, 2 words: Lying Ho!

A mess... a transsexual looking, annoying voiced lying ho. lol

UglyCleanBroke87 said...

Ha, yeah I wrote this post a couple days before that interview came out with her and Nelly. After that, I was definitely giving her the side eye (even more so than I already have been) but I don't know....she's just so dumb that I wonder how her brain could keep track of all these lies? Maybe it will all become more clear when she comes out with that book. Lmao.