Friday, April 23, 2010


Phone conversation with my mom:

Me: Hey, what are you doing?
Mom: Just chilling, watching "Their Eyes Were Watching God" on LMN.
Me: *Clutches heart* Isn't that the movie with my husband in it?
Mom: Who's your husband?
Me: (sighs and rolls eyes) Michael Ealy.
Mom: Oh, I didn't know that was your "husband."
Me: Yes, he's pretty hot.
Mom: Yeah he's a cutie....isn't he too old for you?
Me: Mom! He's only like 30-something.
Mom: Yeah, and that's too old for you.....

How could she say such a thing?! I have a philosophy. It's only gross to date an older man if he LOOKS old. Of course people would cringe if I were out and about holding hands with a balding man who's happily showing off his beer gut. But if it's a sexy man (like my husband pictured above) who can pass for a 25-year-old, really, what's the harm?

By the way, there's really no point to this post. I just wanted to put up a pic of Michael Ealy's beautiful face. =)


☻TABOO♥ said...

He is definitely gorgeous! Congrats on the

UglyCleanBroke87 said...

LOL, why thank you! :)

Freckles said...

he is right. imma have to high five you on this one. lol. he makes you just wanna smile.

sunshinestar110 said...

I might have to fight you over him!!! cuz we have been married for years!!! and I don't share!! lol

HersheyKissez said...

i just found your blog from [ ] your blog is super cute... and Mr. Michael Ealy is so gorgeous!!! i'm like that for a few certain celebs. lol