Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I think my mom told me in so many words today that I shouldn't go to school to become a nurse. =/ Yes it was a random decision I recently made because I want a job that pays a lot, but still. Instead she says I should get into a program dealing with Medical Billing/Coding since I'm good at typing/writing and whatnot.

I don't know. I read somewhere that data entry jobs are being phased out due to heavier reliance on computers. Either that or they are being given to people in India and other Middle Eastern countries because they work more for less money. I don't know how true that is, but I know I would be one angry Negro if I went to school for another two years to get a degree and find out there are no jobs available for me. This might sound morbid, but people are always going to get sick, and they're always going to die, so you're pretty much guaranteed a job if you go into nursing. At least that's what Google told me.

It's funny because when I was little my dream was to move to New York and be a famous fashion designer. Now I'm just trying to get to where the money is. Interesting how dreams change once bills and reality get involved.

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