Monday, April 19, 2010

If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say, Shut the Fuck Up.

Sigh. It never fails. I get some awesomely good news after a long string of unfortunate events, then some petty motherfucker comes tra-la-la-ing along throwing shade. Usually I would get pissed and focus all my energy on it, but I'm just going to blog about it right quick and keep it moving.

I'm skinny. Everyone knows it, I know it, I see it in the mirror everyday. For some reason though, folks feel the need to TELL me just how skinny I am as if this is news to me. I've dealt with it all my life, but that doesn't mean I'm cool when people look at me and exclaim, "Damn girl, you need to eat a burger or SOMETHING!"

Which brings me to this particular incident. My roommate posted some pics last night on Facebook that we took the weekend of my birthday. I log into my account this morning and there's a notification that my roommate's cousin made a comment on one of the photos. I go to the photo, which was taken of me and two of my roommates at the bar. Underneath it the comment reads: "Are you guys starving that poor girl?" He's obviously referring to me since my other roommate is a guy, and my female roommate is not as thin as I am.

This gets under my skin a bit. I've met this cousin in person on one prior occasion, and he immediately struck me as one of those irritating individuals that feels the need to childishly blurt out the first thing that comes to their mind, regardless of how tactless it may sound to others. During the brief time I interacted with him, he commented on how slowly I ate my food, and implied that I was "from the ghetto" simply because I went to Clark Atlanta University. Needless to say, he irked the shit out of me. This Facebook comment is yet another example of his verbal diarrhea (or keyboard diarrhea, in this instance?). The bitch in me is tempted to write a long-ass paragraph schooling him on the high metabolism, stress, and economic hardship that are all possible factors in my lean appearance. But I stop myself. I don't have to explain myself to this motherfucker. If I WERE starving, is he going to send any food or money to help me out? Hell no.

I decide to take the tried and true route in my life: sarcasm. My response: "Yes, starving is the new trend here in Atlanta." And I'm done. Even if a comment is made afterward, I have nothing else to say. I think some people are just destined to be ignorant. I don't think I will ever understand how it has become perfectly acceptable to make demeaning comments towards thin people, and at the same time most of America will be ready to burn you at the stake if you say something rude about a fat person. For instance if I were a heavyset girl and he had said, "Damn, how many Big Macs have y'all been feeding that girl?" I'm sure all of Facebook would have been up in arms about it. Yet the thought would never even cross his small mind to make a comment like that. So why is it so easy to make a silly assumption about my weight?


Bee Michelle said...

They make comments about your weight regardless of what end of the spectrum you fall in.. Or if you're right in the middle.

There will always be some ignorant fucker who feels the need to make a negative comment about the school you go to or how much you weigh. I just give them the *eye roll* two words, two asterisks. Works wonders.

UglyCleanBroke87 said...

I'll have to try that *eye roll* out sometime lol. There seems to be no point in making an intelligent statement in response to stupidity.