Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I have a love/hate relationship with the rain. I love it because it makes me want to sleep all day. I hate it makes me want to sleep all day.

I don't think people understand how much of a problem it would be if I got a job at the mall. Me working at the mall is the equivalent of a recovering alcoholic working in a liquor store. No bueno.

I'm annoyed that my mom only called me today to chew me out about not making a $200 payment on a student loan that she co-signed with me. "I thought you said you were going to pay it?" Pay it with what? This abundance of cash coming out of my ass? Have you been under a rock this whole time Mom? I don't have a fucking job! No worries, next time I'll forfeit buying groceries so I can send Sallie Mae their money.

Wendy's is the shit.

I may need to break down and get a sugar daddy soon. Paying bills on your own is no fun.

Why do people still think I'm under 18?

I didn't realize that today is "420." Might be nice to smoke something, since I apparently already have the reputation of being a drug user.


sunshinestar110 said...

Girl consider it an compliment when they mistake you for younger. Cuz when I'm 40 I want people to be asking me if

and when you find a sugar daddy can u see if he has a sugar daddy friend for me too!! cuz all these bill can't be life at all

UglyCleanBroke87 said...

LOL I know I will appreciate people mistaking me for younger once I hit a certain age...but I'm 23 so right now it hurts my feelings a little!

And yes, a sugar daddy is needed ASAP. Bills suck. :(