Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thought of the Day.

Ladies......does the Kool-Aid Man turn you on??

I'm on my way home listening to the radio and the song "Daddy's Home" by Usher comes on, for the fifth time today. Not a surprise. No matter how much Usher has been sucking musically as of late, Atlanta rides or dies for him (or at least the local DJs do). It's the same way with Nelly and St. Louis radio. I went home this past Christmas and they were playing "Ride Wit Me" like that shit was current. But that's beside the point.

So Usher does his hooping and hollering, then Plies comes in screaming (why does he yell in like 90% of his songs?). I've heard this song a million times before, but I've never paid attention to this lyrical gem: "I'll pour Kool-Aid on you real slow!"

Yes Plies....because I'm sure every female goes into convulsions at the mere thought of being doused with sugar and water. I know Plies has a reputation for being a freak, but that's taking it too far. I've never been able to relate to the sexiness that some women find in him but even the slightest appeal he may have had in my eyes just went out the window, because if that ain't some coon shit, I don't know what is.

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sunshinestar110 said...

lmaooooooooo..Can i tell you thats my favorite part of the song!! Plies is fool for that one and if any man tried to pull out some kool aid in a sex session I will certain laugh him out and shut him down. First that shit will be all over the place staining sheets and carpet and secondly, u will be sticky ass hell lol