Saturday, May 1, 2010


I feel pretty pathetic for doing so much blogging on a Saturday night, but whatever. This is on my mind so I figured I would post it before I forget. So I went to the mall yesterday with my friend K and we stopped at the food court in between shopping. We got our food and looked for a table to sit at. K paused at one table to sit down, but I quickly looked it over and saw that whoever had sat there before us left a mess so I shook my head no and sat elsewhere.

When we sat down, K laughed and said that she was telling another friend of ours how "sadiddy" I am, and used what I had just done moments ago as an example. I asked her if that was bad and she said no. This isn't the first time I've been called "sadiddy" or "bourgie" but whenever people say that I am, I always wonder why. They immediately assure me that it's a good thing, but for some reason I've always thought those words had negative connotations. I never thought it described me at all. When I think "sadiddy," I think of some spoiled upper-class BAP who's never had a job and Daddy still pays her cell phone and credit card bills, which is not me in any shape or form.

Apparently being "sadiddy" means you don't like tacky or dirty shit? I'll be the first to admit, I can't stand nastiness. I refuse to use a dirty bathroom or share the refrigerators at work, because I know for a fact that people don't wash their hands before they go in there. What's wrong with that though? I don't think of it as "sadiddy;" more so as just being sanitary. That's how everyone should be, I think.

Idk....if being "sadiddy" means I won't die from contracting some horrendous bacterial disease, I'll take it.

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khaki la'docker said...

people like to throw that term around so loosely without much explanation or reason... i wouldnt even worry about it.