Saturday, May 15, 2010

When Are Folks Gonna Grow Up?

I'm minding my own business on this Saturday afternoon, sleeping in since I have been waking up early every day this week. My sleep is interrupted when I get a text message. I can never leave text messages unread for long, so I reach over and see who it's from. It's some random number with an Atlanta area code saying "Hey what's up!" Innocent enough, right? The conversation proceeds to go on like this:

Me: Hey who's this?
Random #: Where da fuck u at!
Me: Umm can't say until I know who you phone, no numbers...
Random #: It's Ronald mcdonald bitch come suck my dick!!!!!
Random #: Haha just messing around it's mike!

At this point, I know that this has to be a prank, and I have a pretty good idea who it is. First off, the only person I know named "Mike" doesn't have an Atlanta phone number, and he damn sure wouldn't be simple enough to send me a text message about sucking his dick. Second, there are only a select few people that would understand the "Ronald McDonald" reference. Back when I went to Clark Atlanta University, I went to the local McDonald's with some friends. While we were there, there was a crackhead lady hanging outside the front of McDonald's yelling about how she had "sucked Ronald McDonald's dick." It was probably one of the funniest things I ever heard while I was in Atlanta and I told the story to several people....but I never mentioned it to my friend Mike. The only people that would know about Mike and the McDonald's thing--and be bitter enough to text me about it--would be my ex-roommates.

I show the messages to my brother and he texts back, simply saying that they are stupid. Then the mystery person replies: "Cmon Mandy where u at?!" I suppose that's meant to imply that they had the "wrong number." Sure you did.

I can't help but slightly be pissed off. The whole point of my moving out was to eliminate the drama I was facing while living in that hell hole. When I left, I promptly blocked and/or deleted anyone on my Facebook that I became acquainted with while living in the house. Therefore it's quite obvious that I want nothing else to do with any of you motherfuckers. Why would you then still contact me with some junior high bullshit? Aren't you all 25+? Why the childish games?

I suppose some people just have issues with rejection. Even though they act like they are emotionless and are not phased by being dropped, the insecurity always manages to manifest itself with little gems like the text messages above. But I thank them for giving me yet another reason for why moving out was the best decision I could have made. Have a nice life y'all. :)

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