Thursday, June 24, 2010

Can't Get Enough.

I was on a couple days ago, and the post of the day was girl crushes. I added my list in the comment box, but I can't believe I forgot to mention Ms. Solange. I don't know about anyone else, but in my opinion, she is slowly but surely inching her way into the "bad bitch" category. I mean......that dress......and those shoes......and the 'fro! Looking like a 21st century Christie Love and shit.

I'm seriously about to start doing some research on the proper way to grow out an Afro. Either that or find me a bomb-ass wig.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe I forgot to mention Solange in that post! Lately she has been on point with her dress/shoe game. I'm not too big on afros but for some reason it works for her.

khaki la'docker said...

I dig Solange too! I like that she is different and isnt afraid to be personable. Not sure if that's a wig or not but I think its a good look for her too.

Fashion Cents said...

wow! how cute are those shoes!

Jonna said...

To be honest, I've never heard of her. But love her outfit! x