Thursday, July 15, 2010

Am I The Only One NOT Surprised?

For the past few days, the entertainment world has been abuzz with news of The Dream and Christina Milian's separation--which was only revealed by The Dream after scandalous pictures of he and another woman began circulating on the Internet. Of course, everyone went in on just about everything possible: the less-than-appealing body shapes of The Dream and his mistress, the fact that he and Christina have a newborn baby, the fact that their marriage is less than a year old, etc.

This is the latest in what seems to be a never-ending parade of failed celebrity marriages, and for some reason, people have taken this as the opportunity to speculate on why relationships in the Black community are seemingly getting worse every day. I heard a discussion on the Rickey Smiley Morning show that used the recent situation with C. Milli and The Dream to ask listeners if there are any Black couples that are still together. Other celebrities have even given their reactions about it.

Here's my issue with this whole The Dream/Christina Milian fiasco: When did they become the example of a solid Black marriage? As I said earlier, they haven't even been married for a year. They're B-list (probably C-list, but I'm trying to be nice here) R&B artists. Folks are acting like Michelle and Barack just announced their separation. I'd probably even feel some kind of way if I heard of Jada and Will Smith breaking up. But The Dream? Who is he? Yeah, he's produced a few hits, but really, who is he? Christina Milian? Yes, she's pretty, but like Cassie, being pretty won't get you a meaningful singing career.

I don't know; something about their relationship has been weird from the start to me. Up until last year, I barely ever saw any photos of The Dream. Then all of a sudden, he and Christina are popping up everywhere in Hollywood, and the paparazzi always just so happen to be there to catch the two of them together. She has dyed her hair platinum blonde, and appears to be trying to establish herself as a fashion maven. I always thought of them as the bootleg version of Kanye and Amber Rose. Anyway. They claim that they are "just friends," then bam! They're getting married. Then bam! They're having a baby. Then.....Christina has the baby, dyes her hair dark again, and ditches all the haute couture. All those "candid" paparazzi shots become non-existent, and she is rarely ever seen with her hubby. Meanwhile, The Dream is being interviewed left and right, and everyone wants to know about his wife and new baby. He gives vague, half-ass answers as if he is being questioned about people that he's never met, and is also seen spending quality time with different women at clubs.

Now this. I feel like it was bound to happen sooner or later. Some have accused Christina of "fucking for tracks." I'm not sure how true that is, especially since she never even attempted to release a single when she was living it up with The Dream last year. Others think the marriage, baby, etc. were all a cover-up because The Dream is gay. Hmmm.....I really can't rule that one out.

Another possibility is that The Dream is just a big attention whore. I noticed how he appeared to be staring straight at the camera when he was "caught" frolicking on the beach with his side piece. Who does that? Especially if they are trying to keep their separation on the low? This, paired with his disrespectful Aaliyah cover, egotistic interviews, public diva fits, and lackluster radio singles, is all the more reason that The Dream gets a perpetual "Prince Side Eye" from me. No matter how I look at it, he is most certainly NOT someone that I look to as an example of how to have a successful Black marriage.


Anonymous said...

Time will heal any of her wounds and it should way sooner than later. She’s obviously way too classy for him. She’s got her album and I’m sure some film roles on the backburner while he’ll be forgotten in no time. She’s not going to have a hard time finding someone new…

This is for sure:

khaki la'docker said...

yeah- totally agree with you. seems like a booty call went wrong that they tried to make right.

SinfulLyo said...

c. mill is/was a jumpoff known for fucking maddd producers. like khaki said i'm almost positive that he just got "caught up". christina was looking for a meal ticket and she succeeded because let's face it her career=trash.

THAT being said...HOW DARE YOU INSULT THE-DREAM?!?!?!?! A *COUPLE* OF HITS?!?! you're buggin. that's my nigggggga *singing along to sex intelligent* lol

UglyCleanBroke87 said...

@Sinful, The Dream is lame to me. Period. I know he's a big producer and all, and I was singing "Falsetto" along with everyone else when it was hot, but he failed at life when he started acting like he was Diddy. Telling the world he won't be releasing another album because we don't "appreciate" his music? Nigga please.

UglyCleanBroke87 said...

P.S. Plenty of other rappers have gotten "caught up" too (i.e. Lil' Wayne), but they didn't marry the jumpoff. Not that I'm saying they're right, but why all the shenanigans with The Dream/C. Milli, if he was just going to move on to another chick anyway?

Anonymous said...


You make it sound like the Dream is some kind of musical legend who should be honored and presented with a lifetime achievement award or something. This is the same dude who wrote a song called "Shawty is Da Shit." Enough said.


Glad I'm not the only one who thought their relationship seemed a bit "off" from the start. It was very forced and unnatural looking. For those who considered them an example of a strong black couple, #tryagain. When Will and Jada split up, that's when I'll be surprised.