Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Guilty Pleasure.

Maybe it's because I am reserved and quiet 95% of the time, or maybe it's because I have never physically been in a fight with another woman, but I have been a fan of the "Bad Girls Club" for the past several years. I get some sort of morbid pleasure out of living vicariously through the 7 bad girls as they unapologetically drink themselves into oblivion, swim topless in the pool, and fight each other because someone drank their roommate's juice. Ever since Tanisha dared her unsuspecting roommates to "pop off," I haven't been able to stay away from the Oxygen channel's naughtiest show.

However, one thing that never adds up to me about this "reality" show, much like others, is that the reality factor seems to have been completely eliminated from the equation. Back when "Bad Girls Club" first made its debut, the girls featured on the show looked like normal everyday people that you would chill with on the weekends.....well, maybe not chill with because they always got into bar fights, but you get the idea. As the seasons have progressed, I notice that the normal girls have been replaced by video vixen wannabes with fake tans, implants, and too much makeup, who take it upon themselves to divide the house between the "pretty girls" and the "ugly girls."

Another thing that strikes me as being a little off: do girls REALLY get into that many fights EVERY SINGLE TIME they go out? I've gone out with my friends to the club many times and never had an altercation with another group of girls. Now that I think about it, there was a roommate I had in Florida who seemed like the type to get into fights over bullshit when we went out. I promptly stopped going to the club with her though. Some have speculated that random girls start shit simply because they want to get their 15 seconds of blurry-faced fame, but what I want to know is how do they know what show is being filmed? For all they know, the camera crew could be filming "For the Love of Ray-J: Season 3." Knowing some of the loud-mouthed girls on the show, they probably tell everyone in the club that they are part of BGC, but then how can they be surprised when they are targeted because of it? Whatever. I'm convinced that the club fights are staged to add to the "bad" factor of being a "bad girl."

In spite of some of the discrepancies, there has to be a reason why BGC is the most-watched show on the Oxygen channel. What that reason is exactly? I don't know, but as always, I like to give my take on it anyway. As I stated earlier, I want to unleash my inner bad girl sometimes, and I think a lot of women do as well. Who hasn't wanted to sucker punch a stupid co-worker, or throw a drink on that douche bag at the club for thinking it was okay to grab your ass as you walked by? I know I have, but if you try that shit in real life, you'll usually end up unemployed and/or in jail. In the BGC world, that type of behavior seems to not only be allowed, but encouraged. It is one of the few reality shows that has no goal to achieve by season's end. There are no prestigious job offers, no final rose ceremonies, no heartfelt therapy sessions with Dr. Drew. The girls simply indulge in an endless supply of liquor, party at the hottest clubs, hook up with random boys, and slap each other around until the show producers allow them to vote off whomever is the least popular one in the household. It's one of those things that's so bad, it's good.

Does BGC have any substance or moral fiber in its hour of air time every week? No. Will I be tuning in every week to witness the lack of substance and morality? Hell yes.


★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Yes ma'am this is my guilty pleasure as well. I agree on all points. This show has no substance whatsoever but the scripted cattiness cracks me up. I honestly don't believe that they are true "bad girls"'s all a gimmick. Some friends and I were just talking about how they need REAL MIAMIANS on this season....the so-called Miami chick just does NOT represent my hometown at all. I'll be tuning in anyway to see them make complete fools of themselves every week though!

Anonymous said...

This show... Smh

*loss for words*

Seygra20 said...

Hmm I have no desire to watch this show.....and everyone knows I am a reality tv show doesn't appeal to but I did see a clip of an episode last week and it confirmed that option