Monday, October 11, 2010

I Hate It When.................

..........I "like" someone's status on Facebook and get a notification that so-and-so commented on that status afterward. I go look at the status and it turns out some asshole has added an insignificant-ass comment such as "LMAO!" or "Co-sign!" or "Amen!" Why? If you don't have anything funny or thought-provoking to add, why are you commenting? Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the "like" option added to indicate that you agree, or "co-sign" with what someone else said? Why are you wasting time typing, and wasting 12 seconds of my life to read your boring, unnecessary, one-word comment?

..........I'm craving a particular food item/snack that I have stashed at home, and I fantasize about said food item/snack all day while I'm at work. Then I go home, search through the refrigerator or pantry.......and my shit is gone.

..........I work my ass off to save money for a specific reason, i.e. I want to go on a trip or buy a new pair of shoes. As soon as I have some cash "saved," my car decides to go wacky, and I have to come out of pocket with a couple hundred bucks, because we all know car repairs ain't cheap. So much for saving.

..........People nearly collide with me coming out of the door at work and go on about their business without so much as saying "Excuse me" or even blinking an eye. It's like.....damn, no manners though?

..........I go to a store to try on a pair of shoes or a dress, and the sales rep either (a) knocks on the dressing room door every 5 seconds asking if I'm doing okay, or (b) watches me while trying on the shoes and makes fake-ass comments like, "Oh my gosh, those look sooooooooooo cute on you!" as if I don't know she's just saying that so I can buy them. I understand showing good customer service, but that over-the-top shit is disturbing.

..........I watch Lifetime and every movie has the EXACT SAME story line: Girl meets boy, girl falls in love, girl finds out boy is really a psychopathic con artist who escaped from a psychiatric ward/prison, girl confronts boy about his secret past rather than going to the police like a normal person, girl pretends she is going to shoot boy but allows him to get within two inches of her and boy takes gun, girl suddenly gets a burst of superhuman strength and knocks boy over a balcony, police cars race to the scene 30 seconds later, yet boy has somehow managed to run away after falling 20 feet to the ground. Fast forward to the last scene and boy is now living on some tropical island in perfect health, preparing to lure another unsuspecting girl into a trap that is only possible in made-for-TV films.

While we're talking about movies, I also hate it when sequels come out, and the original film was no good to begin with. Take for example, "Paranormal Activity." In my opinion, that movie sucked. The whole movie was full of non-scary bullshit, like curtains moving, lamps flickering, and doors slamming shut on their own. It didn't get scary--or at least uncomfortable--until the last 5 minutes, and I was ultimately pissed that I spent $10 for 5 minutes of scariness. Why then, is there a "Paranormal Activity 2"? I'm assuming from the last movie that the only two characters died (apologies to anyone who didn't see the first "PA"), so what is the second one about? Is it supposed to be scarier because there is a dog and a baby involved now?


khaki la'docker said...

Im with you on all of these (except for PA not being scary- i damn near pissed my hanes)

Cant stand a lame ass comment on FB. lol

Anonymous said...

Ha haaaa!

I'm somewhat guilty of #5 only because they put so much pressure on us to be that way, not knowing that we're actually doing more harm than good. I annoy myself with that sh*t so surely I'm getting on other people's nerves... but hey it's either that or not have a paycheck.

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

+ well i'm not on facebook, and i've been told since i wasn't i wouldn't understand ppl's facebook angst. but that does seem very annoying.
+ i'm with you. i feel extra salty when i know the "said" item is at home and i get my mouth ready for it and realize i ate it two days previously..makes me wanna punch a wall and a few babies..

+ where you think the song, "these are the brakes came from?"...yes. it is "these are the breaks" but tell the truth for a minute it seems plausible. lol.

+ ppl who bump into me i say excuse you too. and watch as they look offended and be like, "yea motherfucker you bumped into me..excuse you"

+ i hate that shit cause i already don't like trying on shit as is. salespeople who work too hard for the sell might as well quit..cause i'm walking out empty handed if i have to tell you more than 2 times "i'm good.."

+ i don't watch lifetime and even if i did i'd never admit umm..yea i don't know what you're talking about. lol

+ and finally i don't know about yall..but the commercials for paranormal activity scare the shit out of me. but that's just cause i hate movies dealing with ghost or demons. no matter how much someone says it sucks or it's not scary..i'll never find that shit out at all. i do however hate unnecessary sequels..they suck... said...

lol i so knowwhat you mean about facebook therefor i stopped leaving comments the notications are annoying

K. Rock said...

The minute you save enough money to buy something you want, you have to buy something you need. It sucks.

I feel you about the Lifetime movies. They are all the same but somehow they are still very engaging.