Monday, November 1, 2010

No Photos Please.

Anyone who knows me knows that I hate taking pictures. Unless it's a photo that I have snapped myself, I don't want it. I give my friends the side eye of death any time they come up to me with their digital cameras, trying to act like the damn paparazzi.

Why am I so opposed to having photos taken? Because it's 2010 and people have no damn sense. Taking pictures isn't like it was a couple decades ago. Any embarrassing or unflattering pictures could be trapped for eternity in the undeveloped film of a Walgreens disposable camera, or buried in a box of photos that your mother is saving to blackmail you with, when you bring your new boo home to visit the family. That's not the case nowadays. Any picture, whether good, bad, ugly, or just downright fucked up, will be plastered on MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, your friend's blog, or any other social networking outlet possible.

My latest run-in with this problem came from my recent trip to Atlanta. I made it clear several times that I didn't want any photos taken unless it was a group picture so I could blend in with everyone else. But of course, liquor came into the picture (no pun intended), and bitches caught me slipping. Remember the Italian boy I mentioned a couple posts ago? I didn't mention that he was very touchy-feely, and that, paired with the fact that my dress was shorter than I anticipated, made the perfect combination for a panty-revealing photo op. My friend just uploaded the pictures from her birthday and when I got the notifications that I had been tagged, I already knew I would have to log onto my profile and do some damage control.

My jaw dropped when I saw the photo of my lacy black Victoria's Secret hiphuggers in full view for all of Facebook to see. "What the hell was B thinking?" was my first thought. For God's sake, my mom is on Facebook now! I immediately untagged myself.....but the picture is still online, and it won't take a genius to figure out who that girl is with the guy's hands pulling her dress up. I want to tell her to take that photo down, but I know she will think I'm being a "prude" and I also had plans to ignore her for a while. Ugh. This is why I stay incognito.


April K said...

man thats lame, y would someone want to embarrass their friend online?? thats y i don't do social networking sites except blogger. but twitter and facebook are the devil. i did a post about y i got off twitter... ask her to take the pic down, employers are begining to look on facebook and twitter and i would hate for this to ruin an opportunity for you. is your frined gonna pay you a salary, doubt it. so tell her to take it down asap!

Anonymous said...

@ April,

I'm considering doing a similar post about twitter so folks can stop asking why I left.


This post reminds me of when my sister posted this wack ass picture of me on her wall a couple weeks ago. I asked her to remove it & she acted like she had no clue which picture I was talking about. I had to practically beg her to take that shit down. I wish people would ask for permission first.

UglyCleanBroke87 said...

I'm glad yall understand where I'm coming from. What's funny is that these are the same bitches who will whine and guilt trip you when you upload pics of them that look halfway decent. Yet its okay to post photos of me looking cross-eyed, drunk, and/or halfway crazy? No ma'am.

UglyCleanBroke87 said...

@Alee, yeah I'll be waiting for that post. I was curious about why you deleted your Twitter too. I'm sure I can take a couple wild guesses....

Jason said...

I'm not a photo person either. I got a mirror in my house I now what I look like.

Some folks seemed to be picture obssessed. My homegirl says it's merely capturing the moments and being able to relive those moments over and over again. That's cool!

Some people don't respect the fact that you don't want your image captured and plastered on social networking sites for the world to see and when you tell them No!, they act like you are lame or unreasonable or something. No, it is simply a matter of me controlling my image not you.

I hope your homegirl respects your wishes and takes the pic down.

I agree 360% with this post.

Stay wonderful!


khaki la'docker said...

awww man! I'd be pissed to.
I've actually had this problem a lot- esp when i was.. um... chunkier. I swear some of my girlfriends just like to post the most unflattering shit.
i hope your friend just takes the pic down. i'd hate for you to end up on deadazzwrong or something

UglyCleanBroke87 said...

@Khaki lmao @ me ending up on deadazzwrong.....that's like my worst nightmare. She did take it down. Hopefully it doesn't re-surface any time in the future....

Reggie said...

Rarely are men so particular about the pictures they take; but women, women are so very particular about every single picture. But I do feel you about those pictures that your family is prone to take out of you.......yeah the really jacked up ones.

The way I see it, pictures are supposed to be spontaneous and not posed. The best pictures out there that really and truly captures what makes you truly beautiful are usually just captured with a quick shot.

It would have been really awesome if you had posted that picture of yourself that you hated.....that would have been awesome.