Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You Know You're From St. Louis When......

......It's not "hair," it's "hurr." It's not "there," it's "thurr."

......Niggas are still quoting Nelly lyrics from 2002.

......The most exciting thing to do is go to the St. Louis Zoo or the art museum.

......You tell people where you're from and they say, "Oh, I've been to St. Louis!" And that's it.

......Girls think they're shitting on hoes because they just copped the newest pair of Air Force Ones.

......If all else fails, at least we have the Arch.

......People from East St. Louis look down on you because they're from the TRUE heart of the city.

......Everyone refuses to admit that the Rams suck. I don't follow football, but even I know that.

......Club scene? Nightlife? What's that?

......Hoodrats and goons alike rep their city to the fullest, even though there's not much to "rep."

FYI: I was inspired to write this post while I was browsing through pictures on Facebook, and noticed that a girl I know has a fucking CARDINAL tattooed on her shoulder.

^^^^^Blank. Fucking. Stare. I would post the photo, but I'm not that cruel. Just use your imagination.


Sha Boogie said...

lol! betta rep yo' city, gurl!

P.S. I've been to St. Louis! *blink, blink*

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

*raises hand* I have a friend from St. Louis *crickets* LOL!! She has tried and tried again to get us to visit but it just never worked out. Nonetheless she has come to Miami tons of times!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I should do a "You know you're from Nashville when" post but I would rather not bite off you. That would be wack.

UglyCleanBroke87 said...

@Sha Boogie and Starrla, see that's what I'm talking about! Y'all laugh, but you know I'm right. Ain't shit in STL. That's why whenever my friends and I talk about meeting up, I volunteer to visit them, because I feel like I would have nothing to show them if they came to see me.

@Alee, girl you know I'm not tripping off that shit. The only time I have issues with people "biting" is when they pretend they came up with the idea on their own. Other than that, I'm good. :)