Thursday, December 30, 2010

And The Winner Is...................

I know most blogs and/or television networks usually compile a "Best & Worst of (insert the year)" list honoring the highs and lows that occurred within the past several months. On the same token, I would like to highlight some of the questionable folks that graced us with their presence this year.

Jumpoff of the Year: Tiger Woods' mistress(es)

This year it seemed that everyone and their mama had done the unmentionable with Tiger Woods when the now infamous scandal first surfaced. Hell, if I weren't black, I would have thought I had an affair with Tiger Woods too. Since the initial spectacle, I haven't heard much regarding any other indiscretions from America's kinkiest golfer. Here's hoping that Tiger behaves himself in 2011.

Attention Whore of the Year: Raz-B/Kat Stacks

This one is a tie, simply because both o
f these wannabe celebs have been equally annoying this past year. They seemed to be in competition to see who could release the most Youtube and World Star Hip Hop videos "exposing" other pseudo-celebs, and both were known for being completely reckless with their tweets. However, since Kat Stacks has been deported (I think) we may not be hearing much from her in the future.....unless Venezuela has World Star Hip Hop. As for Raz-B....le sigh. In true attention whore fashion, he decided to close the year out with a bang by instigating Twitter beef with Chris Brown just yesterday. (And C.Breezy took the bait like a toddler snatching a handful of candy. But that's another post.)

Phonetically-Challenged Celeb of the Year: Waka Flocka Flame

Everyone's favorite dummy hood rapper Waka Flocka made lovers of the English language hang their heads in shame when he appeared on BET's 106th & Park, and could barely articulate complete sentences when being interviewed about his thoughts on voting and education. He gave us unforgettable quotes like "Voting cool" and shared his aspirations of going to college and majoring in Geometry. Sadly, I don't believe this is the last we will be hearing from Waka, as his hood-tastic music can still be heard on a radio station near you. God help us all.

Comeback of the Year: Chris Brown

I'm hesitant to even speak on this category, because Chris Brown's recent e-beef with Raz-B has me annoyed, but I actually think 2010 was a decent year for him, in spite of his immature Twitter outbursts. He re-captured the hearts of America by snot-slinging and hyperventilating mid-performance at the BET Awards and released a couple dope mixtapes. Not to mention the Grammy nomination for "Deuces," which is one of my favorite songs of 2010. I'll try to be optimistic and keep my fingers crossed that C.Breezy will cut down on the Internet thug nonsense, and focus more on his music in the upcoming year.

15 Minute Fame-Stretcher of the Year: Antoine Dodson

Welp, there's not a whole lot to say about this. I already gave my opinion on Antoine's increasingly desperate attempts to extend the hype that was created due to his "Bed Intruder" fame. I respect the fact that he managed to turn a tragedy into a profit......but enough is enough. It's time for Mr. Dodson to use that "Bed Intruder" money to start a business, and get the hell out of the limelight.

Clown of the Year: Soulja Boy

This could have gone to a few different celebs, but Soulja Boy gets the honor of being presented with such a prestigious award this year. After all, who else can say that they were caught on tape with hip-hop's most toxic groupie (i.e., Attention Whore of the Year winner Kat Stacks), accused of being a coke head by that groupie, then confessed on radio that they love that same groupie? I can't think of anything more clownish. Well, I can, but that's pretty high in the rankings of clownishness. Add the Twitter beef with Fabolous (what is it with these young male celebs?), garish displays of jewels and money, and shallow but catchy hip-pop music, and voila. 2010, aka the Year of the Clown for Soulja Boy. I have a feeling this may be a reoccurring theme for him though. o_O


April K said...

lol completely agree with you on all the winners!

Anonymous said...

lol there goes 2010!

K. Rock said...

That Waka Flocka interview was downright painful to watch. He's is a true moron.

Loved the list.

Anonymous said...

LOL I'm so done with Antoine Dodson and Wacka Flacka. I was done before I even started...

Man, I seriously need to catch up on this blog. I'll be back to read that last post.

Poppy said...

I pray that they all do better in's hard for me to take "celebrities" seriously because of all that foolishness.

NRC said...

I overly agree with this especially Souljaboy/child/wateva he is