Thursday, December 23, 2010

Doing Entirely Too Much.

So I spotted this coonery floating around on the Internet, and it's SO coon-ish I feel like a coon just for posting it. Oh well.

I feel like this video should be titled "When Having No Talent Other than Being a Hoodrat Becomes Painfully Obvious." Like, really Antoine? STOP! I am willing to brave the projects of Lincoln Park to find this child, grab him by the shoulders, look him square in the eyes and tell him, "STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Someone has to do it. If it doesn't end now, when will it ever end? What's next: Easter Intruder? St. Patrick's Day Intruder? President's Day Intruder? I can't take it; I don't have the strength. I feel like Antoine is that annoying ass kid in your neighborhood who still falls out laughing at an old joke that no one else thinks is funny anymore. No matter how many times you tell him that joke is dead and gone, he repeats it over and over and over again in hopes of getting a chuckle out of someone, ANYONE.

On second thought, Antoine may also realize that his 15 minutes are long past due. After watching the video a second time (judge me not), I noticed that even HE doesn't seem to be amused by his shenanigans. His demeanor is not as animated as it was in his "debut" video, and the fact that his rapping/singing/talking is offbeat as hell shows that he is not even bothering to make an effort at this point. I wouldn't doubt that some media higher ups are pushing this gimmick within the last inch of its life, but their attempts are pointless. This shit ain't funny, it ain't cute, and it OBVIOUSLY is doing nothing toward the progression of the black race.

Ms. Dodson, wherever you are, please come get your son.


Anonymous said...

Why Antoine, WHY????

Merry Christmas blogger buddy!

UglyCleanBroke87 said...

Thanks girl, same to you! :)

Poppy said...

Okay he needs to SIT DOWN!
This post was HILARIOUS!!! I can't stop laughing...."When Having No Talent Other than Being a Hoodrat Becomes Painfully Obvious." That should seriously be the title of that video.

Temi said...

Hahaha! I love Antoine Dodson, whenever I'm sad I just watch his interview!!