Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Red Bottoms.

This post probably should have gone on my fashion blog. I try to keep it professional over there, but this is my uncensored opinion on a fashion related topic, so here it goes.

Recently, video model Dollicia Bryan did an interview where she threw shade at fellow video model Rosa Acosta, regarding comments Rosa made last year about choosing to feed her family and pay for education, rather than spending crazy amounts of cash on Christian Louboutins, better known as "red bottoms."

If you don't feel like watching the video, I don't blame you, because Dollicia was saying a bunch of nothing. I mean, she "speaks well," but her opinion was a bit incoherent and overall silly. Basically she was mad because Rosa made those comments, then turned around and rocked a pair of Louboutins in a couple photos she posted on Twitter. Dollicia made it clear that she spends her OWN money to buy red bottoms and she doesn't really respect another girl who can only get the shoes as a gift or hand-me-down.



I'll start off by saying this: anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE me some expensive shit. I knew all the top fashion designers before I even knew my multiplication tables. My mom has no idea where I got my expensive taste from, because she could care less about name-brand clothes. Before brokeass-ness came into my life, it didn't bother me at all to spend $300+ on a handbag. I still like designer clothes, and when I have the means to buy a pair of Louboutins, I'm sure I will. Some call it materialistic, but I disagree. There are people out in the world who spend thousands of dollars "collecting" vintage cars. That's how I am with shoes and bags. I could give a damn if anyone knows how much money I spent on a purse, but I just feel better knowing I have it in my possession.

I can appreciate a pair of Louboutins, or Jimmy Choos, or Gucci heels, or whatever. At the same time, I'll snatch up a pair of Jessica Simpson or Bakers heels in a heartbeat. For Dollicia to act like owning Louboutins is the final destination in life, was a little absurd to me. On top of that, who the hell does she think she is that she can call out all the girls who don't wear expensive shoes to events, or who don't purchase those shoes on their own? If you've "arrived" at some holy fashion peak, why do you care about what shoes someone else can or cannot afford?

I think there is a difference between having an appreciation for the "finer things," and being a label whore. Dollicia is clearly the latter. To sit and make a damn near 7-minute video about "red bottoms" makes that painfully obvious. Once red bottoms are no longer in style, she's going to be the same dumb bitch with thousands of dollars worth of shoes wasting away in her closet, while she makes another long ass video, telling everyone they ain't shit if they don't own a plethora of "yellow bottoms," or whatever shoes the fashion industry tells her are "in" at the moment.


Anonymous said...

LOVED this post. Personally I agree. I think she sounded hella dumb. I agree with all that you said but I'd like to add that she is a prime example of what's wrong in the world. Aside from showing her rear end for a living, she makes it seem like these shoes make her a person worth respecting. It's super sad. I actually own a pair (that I def didn't purchase with my own money) but you can bet that I wear them rarely.

I didn't know who she was before this vid and I hope that the rumor that she's dating Hill Harper is just that... Ugh. And her bringing up Beyonce as if she's a direct comparison is beyond funny.

K. Rock said...

Yeah I saw this video and she just seemed really dumb. Honestly, I dont even know who this chick is. Her and her red bottoms need to kick rocks.