Saturday, July 30, 2011

Silly Rabbit....BS Games are for Kids.

I've come across many flaky/unreliable/tacky people in my life, but I'm always just as annoyed when I come across a new one. Nothing irks me more than my time being wasted. Even if I had nothing else to do, the fact that I put forth effort to kick it with someone only for them to bullshit and back out of it is enough for me to pretend like that person no longer exists.

Which brings me to last night's tale. My class just finished one of the hardest tests in our course and one of my shipmates suggests we go to the on-base club for a couple drinks to celebrate. I had exchanged numbers with him a while back and we hung out in a group before. He's one of those people that I refer to as a "group friend." They're cool, but there's something about them you can't quite put your finger on, that deters you from chilling with them one-on-one. The thing is, my roommate that usually served as a "buffer friend" (the friend who you stick with when the group friends go their separate ways), left a couple weeks ago to go to her duty station, so there was no one else to accompany me in the proposed celebration.

Against my better judgement, I agree to it. That night, I send a text asking what time he's going. He says after he eats at the galley (cafeteria for the civilian folks). A couple more hours pass, and I decide to do a little shopping at the store on base. I see him while I'm out, and he informs me he will be going around 9:30 or 10. Cool. I go back to my room and chill out for a couple hours. 9:30 passes, then 10, and still no text. Around 11, I start to change clothes for bed and put my hair up when I get a text saying he's at the spot.

I debate with myself for a few minutes about whether I should go check it out or just take my ass to bed. I am super relieved I passed that damn test, and if my other friends were still here, I would want to go out. On the other hand, I know this dude is uber-flaky. Like....short attention span doesn't even begin to describe it. And he's drinking? Shiiiit.

Again, I decide to head over to the spot against my better judgement. It's only about two seconds from my ship (building for the civilians) anyway. I get inside, get a drink, then text to see where he's at. No reply. I finish my drink and walk around a little, still don't see him. At this point, I decide I'm not searching anymore and I go back to my ship.

Now....maybe I'm just being a drama queen but....what the hell? Why are people so fucking flaky? Is it that hard to send a text message? Am I asking too much? Mind you, this is the same guy that is always boasting about how girls chase after him and blow up his phone because he's so fly. I never had any intentions of getting with him, because he has claimed that I'm his "little homie," but I've learned my lesson. I refuse to chase a nigga, "homie" or not. The fact that he dissed a so-called friend shows that he ain't shit anyway.

When people ask why I always fly solo, I will refer them to this post. I don't have time for the games.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Random Midnight Thoughts.

I miss blogging. I miss being able to wake up at noon. I miss my family and friends, even though they worked my last nerve when I was around them.

I've been in this "A" school for over a month, and as usual, I don't fit in. There's a few associates I have, but no real "friends." Girls in the military are just as petty as girls in the civilian world....if not more. Dudes are only concerned with smashing as many chicks as possible. School days are long and boring. I try not to complain, because, as everyone loves to point out, I am getting paid to deal with all the BS, but it's still just that--BS.

I see the favoritism and politics that go on. I get told what to do by people who have no business being anywhere near a leadership position. I don't know if I can deal with this for 20 years. Maybe I'll just do my 4 years and be done with it. It's still early in the game.