Friday, September 16, 2011

I Told Y'all.


I told y'all these new roommates were going to be a problem. One of them tried me already.

Let me back up and introduce them. There's one who's tiny and petite, so I'll call her Tiny. The other is from Chicago and her name from this point will be Yeezy. The other one...I haven't thought of a name for her yet, but she's not a part of this story so it doesn't matter.

So. Tiny is pretty young and seems to be concerned with having a man to call her own. She had a boyfriend back home, but he started acting up so they broke things off and now she is spending time with a couple guys on base. One of the guys that she's digging has been here since back when I reported to "A" school, and seems to be a player (or at least wants to be one). As a matter of fact, he was kicking it hard with my LAST roommate that moved out a couple months before Tiny and my other roommates got here.

Apparently Mr. Player saw Tiny studying with another guy and got tight about it. This led to an exchange of text messages with him accusing Tiny of acting "funny" towards him. Tiny insisted that she wasn't acting funny and told him she didn't want to be bothered if he was going to act like that with her. I assured her he wasn't worth the headache and gave her the scoop on his reputation.

As we're talking, Yeezy walks in the room and catches the end of our conversation. She asks if the boy that we're talking about lives in the same building as we do. Tiny says yes, then Yeezy wants to know who it is. Tiny hesitates a bit, then says she will tell Yeezy later. We finish talking, then Tiny leaves the room.

Immediately, Yeezy asks me, "Who were y'all talking about?" By now, I'm engaged in a game of "Words with Friends" and I'm more concerned about getting a double word score than indulging Yeezy's appetite for gossip. I tell her to hold on a minute. Suddenly she snaps, "If it's a secret, you don't have to tell me."


I look up and tell her, "It's not a secret, but that's Tiny's business, and if she wants you to know, she can tell you."

That's not good enough though. Yeezy then repeats, "Yeah, but you don't have to tell me if it's a secret."

Double pause.

Since we're playing that game, I repeat myself AGAIN and tell her that Tiny can tell her if she wants her to know. Then Yeezy shuts the fuck up and goes to sleep. I can't say I'm surprised that she went there. In the couple weeks that she's been here, Yeezy has told me about a couple incidents where she "went in" on people for not doing what she wanted, and she seems like the type of person that gets impatient when people don't do what she wants WHEN she wants, but I'm not the one for that bullshit. I had planned to tell her who we were talking about, but since she couldn't be bothered with waiting for five seconds, I decided to let her ask Tiny if she really wanted to know. The way Tiny hesitated, it didn't sound like she wanted Yeezy in her business anyway.

Which brings me to today. Yeezy hasn't said a word to me. Hmm. Ask me if I give a fuck. No, really...ask me.

Blogger Fam: "Hey UCB, do you give a fuck if petty girls don't talk to you after getting shut down when they try you?"

UCB: "FUCK NO I don't!"

If things go smoothly, I should be done with the high school bullshit atmosphere in a little over two weeks. Hopefully no one gets too out of pocket before then.


LakiSwirl said...

Aaww man, I remember the roommate drama... Girrrrl, I had some SERIOUS problems with my roommates, but mostly because they were NASTY as all hell. I wasn't used to that kind of nastiness.

And I totally feel you on that high school bullshit. I was older when I went through, and you notice most those kids are straight outta high school, so they keep that mentality. It was rough. Good luck. It'll be over before you know it :)

DianaBoss said...

LOL. Good she got a read on you early on so she knows you're not bout that Bullshit! Ha! She ain't know our UCB did she? Now she do! Hiyoooo!

Roomate drama can get serious. when I was in college one of my roomates stabbed the other one DRAMA!

UglyCleanBroke87 said...

@Laki the funny thing is, the roommate giving me attitude is 26! And she's always going on about how grown she is, yet she acts like a damn child. I don't get it...they aren't too bad as far as being "nasty," but they are kind of lazy about cleaning/taking out trash, etc. So I'm contemplating putting that shit on lock too, because I'm not anybody's maid.

@DBB, yes girl, roommate issues can get waaaay out of hand. I read online last week about a girl from Bowie State who stabbed her roommate to death, and the issue seemed to be revolving around an iPod! Craziness.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lord!

It's always the ones who claim to be "grown" that act the most childish.. Go figure