Thursday, September 15, 2011

Too Deep.

Where to begin....

Okay, so I rejoined Twitter out of boredom and decided to follow a few random people. A guy I follow had some funny/interesting tweets and a website with some insightful posts. As I was looking through my timeline last night, I noticed he put up a new blog post. I went to the site, only to see that the post was actually written by a guest blogger, because the website moderator occasionally likes to show love to fellow bloggers. Cool. Nothing wrong with that.

The post was titled "Idris Elba Doesn't Know You." I should have known things could only go downhill from there. The author is addressing Twitter "heaux" (a fancy term for hoes....I guess) who tweet about all the sinful things they would do if they met Idris Elba, Trey Songz, or any other male sex symbol. He states that women can't go crazy over these celebs and expect to still be considered "wife material." Apparently finding a celebrity attractive makes one's "pussy value" go down and less worthy of being respected by "regular niggas."

The author goes on to say that men have celebrity crushes too, but it's not the same as women, because guys realize that they will never meet the celebrity in real life, whereas women usually refer to a celeb as their "boo." In conclusion, he lets women know not to expect a wedding ring if they are willing to have a one-night stand with their favorite celeb.

Oh...and then he posts a music video...or mixtape track...or something. I didn't bother pressing play.

Of course I had to voice my opinion. I commented, saying it's ludicrous to accuse a woman of being a "heaux" just because she has a crush on a celebrity. Moments later, the website moderator commented back, telling me that I was reading "too deep" into it and that the post was meant to be humorous; that it was up to me whether I laughed or not. Well...I didn't laugh because 1. The shit wasn't funny, and 2. It never ceases to annoy me when someone exhibits blatant misogyny/hatred and when they're called out on it, their defense is that the person calling them out didn't "get" the joke. No sir, I don't "get" it, because there's nothing to "get."

I'm often accused of looking too deeply into things and maybe sometimes I do, but I would rather do that than take everything for face value when it's obvious that someone is trying to insult me on the low. Anyone who has followed this blog long enough knows that my celebrity eye candy of choice is Michael Ealy, and when/if I ever meet him, if he's as charming as he is in his movies, hell yeah I would holla. But somehow that makes me a whore?? Meanwhile, average Joe over here can go on for hours about how bad he would "beat it up" if he ever met Rihanna, but it's cool because he knows he won't REALLY meet her.

Fuck outta here.


khaki la'docker said...

Yeah, soooooo... i probably wouldve thought the same thing especially since I'd
dry hump Idris while we're both wearing corduroy underwear.

UglyCleanBroke87 said...

Not corduroy underwear. Khaki, your ass is crazy lmao.

I'm guessing the blog moderator didn't like what I had to say...he stopped approving my comments. *tear*

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you said something. Because he was soooo quick to call out " heaux" but once you said your piece he was quick to defend himself saying your reading TOO DEEP into it! WHAT?!?! that makes no sense on his part! lol!

Anonymous said...

I know, right? GTFOH with that mess. 99.9% of the guys I know would smash Rihanna if ever given the opportunity. Does that make them hoes? No, just men who are sexually attracted to her. It should go both ways.

lol at you leaving twitter and getting back on out of boredom.