Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tagged And Shit.

I guess I'm supposed to post 11 random facts about myself then answer 11 more questions. I saw the rules on everyone else's blog, but the copy and paste function is being retarded and I'm too lazy to re-type it all.

Anyway, these are my 11 random facts:

1. I'm obsessed with Spider Solitaire. I discovered it on my computer a couple weeks ago and now I play it just about every day.

2. I'm really good at English. At one point in my life, I wanted to be an English teacher.

3. I chew gum like most people smoke cigarettes. I can go through a pack a day.

4. I'm skinny.

5. I enjoy cleaning, especially the bathroom. I feel so proud when everything is all scrubbed down and smelling fresh.

6. I say "I don't give a fuck" a lot.

7. I also say "and shit" a lot.

8. I smoke if I get drunk enough.

9. I drive a Honda Civic.

10. I hate being the first person to initiate a text conversation.

11. I want to live in New York.

Now, the answers to Laki's questions:

1. Do you follow any superstitions?

2. Are you single or attached? How do you feel about your current situation?
Oh boy. Answering this question could be a blog post all by itself. I'm currently in a relationship, but I'm not as happy about it as I should be. The person I'm with is a good person and I think he has good intentions...but I feel like he lacks the motivation to get out of the state he's in and that's emotionally draining for me. More on that later.

3. If you could have dinner with any famous person, living or dead, who would it be?
Lupe Fiasco. I love his lyrics and I'd want to pick his brain on how he came up with them.

4. What five words would OTHER PEOPLE describe you as?
Quiet, smart, skinny, weird, sarcastic.

5. Cats or dogs?
Dogs. Cats are creepy.

6. Weave or natural?
Natural. I had weave put in for the first time last summer and it was the worst experience ever. Even after I repeatedly told the woman my hair was natural and I DID NOT want any relaxer in it, she still put relaxer "around the edges" so it could "blend" in with the weave. Then tracks were showing and shit...I was beyond pissed. It will take a long minute before I do that again.

7. What's the scariest thing you've ever done?
Walked through a gang of clowns during a Halloween fest at an amusement park.

8. Who are you closest to?
My mom and younger brother.

9. What's one of the most embarrassing things you've done?
Pissed myself in boot camp.

10. What advice were you given that you wish you would have listened to?
Finish getting my bachelor's degree.

11. If money were no object, what would be the first thing you'd do?
Move to Italy.

I know the next part is to tag other people, but I can't think of anyone so umm....yeah.


LakiSwirl said...

1. I LOVE spider solitaire. I don't think I go a day without playing it...
2. Cats are AWESOME.
3. I walked through a clown scare house at the Universal Studio amusement park in Orlando for their Halloween thing and I got so freakin' scared I literally crawled atop the shoulder of the dude I was with. By the time we got out of that attraction I was perched up on his shoulder like a fucking parrot.

Good job!! Thanks for answering my questions, this was seriously fun to read :)

Freckles said...

Clowns freak me out too.

UglyCleanBroke87 said...

Yeah...I just can't get with cats. They always look like they want to murder me. And clowns...those have been a no go since I watched "It" as a kid.