Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bored on a Sunday.

This time tomorrow I'll be on the road back to Virginia. Not thrilled about it, but it is what it is. I'm not ready to go back for obvious reasons (limited number of friends, living on the ship, having to eat on the ship or having to spend money if I want to eat outside of the ship), but I'm also a tiny, TINY bit ready to get back because it will be time for us to go on deployment. I hope that we really go this time. I am ready to start "stacking" money and climb out of the hole I've been in for so long. I only have one credit card left to pay off, my car loan, and everything else is student loans. I know the student loans will take time to pay off (which I have to learn to live with....I am NEVER taking out another student loan again), but my goal is to have the credit card paid off by the time deployment is over. I also want to have enough saved so I can get my own place when we get back, and maybe get a payment plan set up for braces too. I know that seems kind of random, but getting my teeth fixed has always been something that I wanted but couldn't because of limited funds and/or resources. I'm hoping to get the Invisalign braces because I feel like metal braces would be kind of embarrassing at my age. I've read stuff about how the Navy won't pay for braces while you're on sea duty because of the ever-changing schedule, but I don't care. If they want to be douchebags about it, I'll foot the bill myself. I've always been self-conscious about my teeth and I think it's about time I started feeling confident when I smile. I know it sounds cheesy, but it's what I want.

My old laptop officially took a dump. In addition to the battery dying even when it's plugged in, it no longer connects to the Internet. I'm still not in a place to purchase another one yet and if we live when we are supposed to, I probably won't get much use out of it anyway. That good ol' ship internet is always janky too; half the time the only thing you can log into is ship e-mail and Facebook....and that's pushing it. I said all that to say my posting will probably go back to non-existent for a while, which sucks. It seems like some of the people whose blogs I follow are "over" blogging, but I think this is something I will stick with even if no one reads it.

I'll still try to keep up with the blogs of everyone that does still post, and maybe be able to throw in a few lines myself here and there. And if deployment gets cancelled again, of course I'll post another rant about that. Lol


Anonymous said...

I always read your blog but never post a comment.

UglyCleanBroke87 said...

Well thanks for reading I appreciate it!

LakiSwirl said...

AAww, just when I was getting used to checking your blog again... Goodluck on the deployment thing. If nothing else, it'll keep your mind busy for a few months. And seeing that paper stack always soothed my mind LOL

DianaBoss said...

Oh I'm gonna miss you again! I will try to keep you slightly entertained with my disfunction! Smooches Sweetums!