Monday, February 23, 2015

Good Guy.

Just had a (very brief) conversation with a guy who went on and on about what a "good guy" he is, but how he gets ignored by women because "no one wants a good guy anymore." However, I was obviously expressing an interest in him, yet he continued to not so subtly reject me, saying that he was just going to have fun in hopes that someone would appreciate him for being such a good guy. I don't know why it irked me so much but it did. I guess I can't stand a guy playing the victim about how no one wants him and rejects someone right in front of him based off of looks. I believe his lack of interest was based on looks because this was an online encounter and he asked zero questions about me. I know everyone has a type and I'm no Beyonce, but don't get on a pedestal about what a good guy you are and cry about how no one gives you a chance. Be real and say you haven't linked up with anyone you are physically attracted to. Cut out the "woe is me" BS, because if looks are the main thing you are looking for in a potential partner, you can't be that great of a guy. Rant over. Going to bed.