Sunday, March 15, 2015

Flaky Boots.

Something that really grinds my gears when it comes to dating is flakiness. By flakiness, I mean someone who seems to express just enough interest for you to think maybe you should keep them around, but rarely or never follows through with actual interaction. I get even more irked when that same person is someone you were never super interested in to begin with.

Case in point. I have been having conversation with someone casually. We have been speaking for over a month and just met up to have breakfast this past weekend. After breakfast, he had suggested going bowling later that evening, which I agreed to. The plan was to go around 7. 7 rolled around and no word from him. Around 9, he sends a text saying he had been out and his phone was dead. All I said was ok, and he never replied back to reschedule or anything. He texts the next morning with the usual "good morning how are you, I was thinking about you" routine. I replied and then once again hear nothing back for the whole day. Today he texts again, saying he's sorry for the late response and he got "caught up in a lot of stuff." I asked what stuff and no response.

So now I'm about to start ignoring. Like.....dude, I'm not even that into you and you're already starting with the BS. I called myself giving him a chance, but if you already have tons of excuses and don't follow through, I can't deal. There are too many guys out in the world to be waiting for hours on a text from one that you're not even feeling that much.


DianaBoss said...

Yeah... when you're noteven that interested what's the point. I can't stand flakiness like that. But I definitely dealt with a lot of it before (cough Homeboy cough)

Blogger said...
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