Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Stay in Your Lane.

So I finally got some fire under my ass to write something and it's all due to an interesting exchange that I just had on Facebook. I am not one to engage in "Facebook beef," (at least, not anymore), so I figured this would be the best place to vent.

As we all know, the pimple on America's ass that refuses to go away (aka Donald Trump), has been causing a political upset as his numbers in the polls keep getting higher and higher. He's got minorities around the country clutching their pearls as they brace for a possible--and sure to be very unpleasant--reality that come November, we may be calling him our Commander in Chief. One option that many, including myself, have toyed with the idea of, is packing up and moving overseas. I know that it won't be the easiest move to make, but living in a place that is not being run by such an ignorant tyrant sounds way better to me. Now that I'm no longer attached to the military and I don't have a job or any major obligations, it seems like the perfect time to look into making that move.

Ironically, I was browsing Facebook today and noticed a post on my timeline addressing this very topic. A woman that I follow (but do not know personally) was speaking about all of the folks that are threatening to leave America in the event that Trump becomes President. She scoffed at the notion, saying that they would first of all need a passport and claiming that 62% of Americans do not have a passport (not sure where she got those statistics from), and noting how expensive it would be to move an entire family to another country.

I found the post to be condescending, and although some of her points were valid, none of them apply to me. Passport? Check. I applied for mine last year before I left for deployment because I knew that I was going to be flying back from overseas, and had been advised by higher ups to have one just in case. For some reason, I didn't need it to fly back to the states from Bahrain, but right before I left, there were some last minute hiccups that could have resulted in me having to fly back from Dubai, where I WOULD need a passport. Luckily I had it, but in the end I flew back from Bahrain and didn't need it. Expenses to make the move? Check. I'm single with no kids so I would only have to worry about moving myself. I managed to build up a nice savings cushion during deployment; it's not enough to live off of for the rest of my life, but it could get me where I need to go. Plus, if I do decide to make an international move, I won't be taking my living room set or queen-sized bed, so those would be sold, which would give me another grand or so to add to my savings.

I commented on the post and mentioned that I have no family to move, I have a passport, and some money saved, so moving out of the country wouldn't be as far fetched for me as her post made it out to be. Minutes later, she replied, firing off a series of questions about exactly HOW much money did I have saved? Did I have a job lined up? Did I have enough to cover 6 months of rent? This is the part where the urge to start a Facebook beef hit me. I haven't been out of the military life long enough to have shed all the bad habits that I picked up while in, so my instinct was to respond with, "It's none of your FUCKING business how much money I have saved up." But that's rude, right? I didn't though. *pats self on back* Instead I politely responded by saying that I do have enough money saved up, and that living in another country has always been an interest of mine, and having a shitty president would only give me more of an incentive to finally make that move. Right after that, ANOTHER woman (whom also does not know me personally) said that "hopefully" I am in excellent health, and posted a link to a website about the process to apply for a visa to Canada, and how they will deny it if you have health problems...although I never mentioned anything about wanting to move to Canada.

Low key, the conversation irked me. I don't understand how perfect strangers think it's cool to drill someone about their finances and health. I'm not an idiot; I know that I can't up and try to move to Paris with $100 to my name. It's true that not everyone has the means to move to another country; however, I was stating that it is feasible for me. Keyword: ME. Nowhere in my post did I ask anyone for money to assist me with moving overseas, so all the extra shit about whether I have enough money to survive was unnecessary. This is an issue that I have with a lot of people though. Any time someone mentions doing something that's out of the norm, they want to throw tons of doubt in an attempt to deter that decision. If you decide to stay in America and deal with Trump and all of his racist bullshit, that's great. I'm not here for it. And if I do my research and save more money and say, "Fuck it, I'm out," that's my business. It's one thing to know someone personally that doesn't have a pot to piss in who's talking about leaving the country and giving them the side eye, but how are you going to give the side eye to someone that you know nothing about, whose bank account and physical well-being you've never seen? Nah. Miss me with that.


LakiSwirl said...

I'm not gonna even lie.. This possibility had me researching expatriating my ass to Canada. I don't know what I'd do there, my line of work is pretty damn narrow, but I've been wanting to live there for a while now anyway and I literally cannot see myself answering to that man, so I've been researching it. I've got the means to go and be set for at least a little bit, but eventually I'd have to find work. It's always amusing to me how people assume you ain't got shit because they ain't got shit. I find people are more likely to assume that of me because I'm a young(ish) female minority when they're not. That may have been the case in your situation, who knows. But hey, if you're looking for a travel buddy willing and able to go halfsies on the trip lol

UglyCleanBroke87 said...

It was actually a young female minority that posted the status, and subsequently bombarded me with all the questions once I made my comment (which is even more sad in my opinion). I agree that people do tend to assume you don't have anything, and can't, or won't, step out of the box society wants to put you in simply because they are unwilling to do the same themselves. And a travel buddy would be awesome! As I'm sure you already know, those are hard to come by these days. :)